Friday, December 30, 2022

“He who keeps the treasure bears the care”

As I was spending time in prayer about the blog and several other things this week, God orchestrated me in the most interesting way through a back door of some old files to a blog I had written in 2014. Wow! Almost 9 years ago. I am sharing a portion of it with you again because I believe God shared it with me again. In this day and time where life is getting more difficult (God’s word makes it clear in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 it will) I sensed this blog was one of those things that was worth resharing. Enjoy but seriously ponder as well. The following is a paraphrased version of an article by John McKonkey.

There once was a man that inherited a diamond at the death of a relative. Turns out the diamond was absolutely priceless. The man carried it with him where-ever he went to protect it and keep it safe. After some time, the man begins to get paranoid about someone taking the diamond from him, mugging him on the street. So, he started to go out less and less and stayed home more and more.

Eventually, he begins to think about what if someone breaks into my house and steals the diamond. So, he put up the most expensive home protections system you could buy. By now the man had few friends, he never went out. One day his good friend came to his house and announced, We are going out, get your diamond. The man reluctantly followed the man to the vehicle. Once in the car the man's friend proceeded to drive him directly to a very nice bank. They walked into the bank with the man with the diamond following his friend through all the doors and rooms until they reached a nice size vault. The friend said, I purchased this for you. It is yours to keep your diamond in. Absolutely no-one can get in here once we close the door today except you. I want you to leave your diamond here. You can come see it anytime you choose. The man finally agreed after much fretting and the two of them left the bank. Every day for weeks the man would go check on the diamond and each time it was there. Slowly he began to go every other day, then only twice a week, then only once a week until finally he went weeks without checking on the diamond. He finally reached the place to check on it whenever he felt like it which was not much because he knew where it was and that it was safe. Thus, the quote.... "He who keeps the treasure bears the care.”  

When I finished that article, I realized that God was saying to me, Vickie I know that your family is your earthly treasure. And you stay concerned for them a lot. But you cannot bear the care anymore. It is too much. It keeps you from having the life I intended for you to have. It was like the LORD said, give me those treasures I can bear the care!

 So, I ask you today. Are you holding on to your treasures? Because if you are, you bear the care! Let go and let Him have the treasure and bear the care because He can! And yes, it is a process. A continual process I can promise you! And yes, you will want to go back and forth to the vault. But the most important question is, have you placed your treasures in the vault (GOD) to start with?

1 Peter 5:7

Cast all your anxiety on him because He cares for you.




 Blessings as you step into the New Year 2023


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