Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blessings into the New Year!

As I sit here at my laptop pondering this past year I am full of Praise to our Almighty God! His goodness knows no bounds, His faithfulness is beyond anything my brain can imagine, and His LOVE is so incredible that it overwhelms my heart as I write this blog.

I so desire for others to know HIM! I so desire for others to know the POWER of the Cross! This next year is going to be a very interesting year as we move closer to the return of our Precious LORD and Savior. I want to encourage the body of Christ to Yield to His direction in our lives daily! Take no breaths without Him! Know where He wants you positioned and how He wants to use you to accomplish His good pleasure and will!

Thank you everyone that has partnered with Pure Joy during the year 2008! Whether that partnership came in the form of prayer, finances, going, or just words of encouragement regarding the ministry! I also want to thank all of you that prayerfully seek God about your giving! There are so many opportunities to give into ministries all over this world. There is no excuse not to be apart of what God is up to in these last days. So, I encourage you ….Prayerfully ask God to show you where He would have you giving your resources regarding His plans for 2009. If it is Pure Joy then Praise God! If it is another God centered ministry then Praise God! The point is give! We throw tons of resources away each year on things that have no eternal value! The enemy loves that! This year can we all make a commitment to ask God to show us where to be invested in the eternal kingdom and then be obedient to invest!! Don’t count your investment as just finances! God has gifted each of us to give in different ways!
Again, Thank you each one…you are Pure Joy!

So, Happy New Year my dear ones! May each and every one of us know Him and make Him known in 2009. May you experience His love in a fashion that absolutely leaves you in Awe of His Goodness, Faithfulness, and Love!

One last laugh for the year…… if you read the blog from earlier this week you know the family is home for Christmas. And you know kids do say the funniest things. Such as the catfish story from the earlier blog this week. Well, last night after I got in from the office I was sitting with several family members having a cup of coffee as little 3 year old Sam walked into the kitchen. As he entered the kitchen he was pretty much at eye level with a picture my mom has on the wall of Jesus standing in His long flowing robe, with soft white light kind of radiating from behind Him shoulders up. With the expectancy that only a mom can have that her child is getting ready to make her proud my niece Krysta said to Sam, “Who is that Sam?” To which Sam matter of fact replied as he continued in the direction he was moving, “Luke Skywalker”.

Any questions? Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha


Monday, December 29, 2008

God, Family, Friends...

Sunday we (Patty and I) had the great opportunity to travel to Ridgewood Baptist Church in Forrest City, AR. Patty did the special music for me and I was able to share a word of encouragement to the church family there as well as sharing with them the opportunity to partner with Pure Joy for our up-coming Poland Retreat. The people were so precious and receptive. The Pastor has a great heart to see the world evangelized and for his church family to grow spiritually! I also took time, at the leading of the spirit, to attend a Sunday school class that morning. It was so great to be in that class (Mixed Adult 3) and I asked to be an adopted member as they agreed to commit to pray for me weekly regarding life’s issues. So cool how the body of Christ works!!!! Please continue to pray that God will give Ridgewood clear direction about becoming one of the sponsoring churches for Poland. By the way, you just got to Love Jesus, He is so faithful!!!

Then there is family. Like many of you we had our entire family home for the first time in I can’t even remember. And they have all been staying at my mom’s house (where I live). Did I mention that our house is a house built for two and has been housing 17 people? That would include four boys ages 7, 5, 3, and 3 weeks old, a teenager 14 years old and 11 older people impersonating adults. And did I mention another boy due in Feb of 2009. Just wrap your brain around it all. I would if I still had one! However, the memories that get made are worth every inch of lack of space! For example, this morning my mom and I were at the table having a cup of coffee. I had the 3 week old so mom and dad could rest and in from the garage walks Drew the five year old. He climbs up into Great Granny’s lap after making a trip back to the garage for his ‘Car’s blanket’ Aunt Myrna made him for Christmas. (Oh, by the way…the garage we insulated it and put carpet in it to make it a play room by day and bedroom by night while everyone is here.) Anyway, as we sit there I engaged Drew in the following conversation.
Drew, do you have a pond by your house? “Yes”, he responded, “we catch catfish in it.” “Really”, I said. Do you eat them? “Yes,” he responded. I said, “Well, who cleans the catfish for you to eat?” He promptly responded that he cleans them. “Really”, I said. How do you do that? “With a wash cloth”, he said. Hmmm what was I thinking…of course with a wash cloth? Then I said, “Do you use soap?” To which he promptly and matter of fact informed me, you don’t use soap on catfish! Yeah, I’m thinking…no sense in drying their skin out before you remove it! Ha, ha, ha-ha

And then there are friends, I am so thankful for all the friends God places in my life to encourage me and challenge me and hold me accountable. And friends to laugh with, cry with, and walk out life with daily. Some of my friends got me a GPS system for Christmas (I think they did that because I randomly call them while I’m on the road and say, “Can you tell me where I am?) Anyway, Patty and I used it yesterday for our trip to Ridgewood. The voice on mine is a male British accent. So, I named him, Sir Scott. I wonder how men do with GPS systems since they do not like to ask for directions. I suppose they just see the GPS system as a toy and that makes it OK. Anyway, it was a great gift and now if I can learn how to use it, it will really come in handy. Last night I was trying to read through some instructions. Something I said activated Sir Scott’s voice. It gave everyone quiet a startle but once they realized he would not be staying over they relaxed. Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Three Days and Counting...MERRY CHRISTMAS!

As I write these words this morning I am mindful that many of you have already begun to celebrate your Christmas Holidays with family and friends. The rest of us are preparing for their arrival.

Please take time, even as you read this blog, to be mindful of our missionary women and their families throughout the world! Most of them will be spending their Christmas time in countries with the people groups God has called them to serve. As I asked of you last week, pray that our missionaries will be able to share the Christmas story where it is possible to do so, and for those who are in places where they can't share openly, that God will make a way for His Light to shine this season.

LORD, thank you that you so loved the world that you saw fit to send your Son from His heavenly home, the place we as your children are longing to take up as our dwelling place.
You sent Him into this earth through the power of the Holy Spirit and a virgin. Wow! Only You! Thank you LORD that such a divine entry could not be counterfeited by the enemy! You are an Amazing God!!! Precious Father, we lift up to you our missionaries near and far this day! I ask you to be their Daily Bread! Father give them joy during this season and surprise them with Your Presence! Protect them from the enemy and his lies and deception. LORD, heal their hurts, their concerns, fears, health, families, marriages, anxiety, depression, etc., and LORD for any of them who are in bondage to sin in their lives I pray in the Name Above All Names – JESUS, set them free!

LORD, we pray for those people groups and peoples that do not know you! Those deceived by the darkness the enemy of this world cast across their hearts. OPEN THE EYES OF THEIR HEART! REMOVE THE VEIL! LORD, you called our missionaries to the places you have them, now from this day forward empower them to accomplish the good work you prepared in advance for them to walk in, even to their own amazement!

And to You O LORD will go all the Glory!!!!!

And all these things we ask in the Precious and Most Holy Name of JESUS!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


As I pen this blog this morning I am sitting in front of the pellet burning fireplace in my pajamas, a cup of coffee at my side in a room filled with figurines of Santa Claus, angels, moose, reindeer, stockings hung on the mantle, a staircase woven with greenery and red bows. All of these trimmings indicate Christmas is approaching.

Ok, now I know this blog can't compensate for time, but it has been almost four hours since I wrote that last paragraph. I have shelled pecans, baked spiced pecans, put some corn and bits of pecans out for the squirrels, and enjoyed another couple of chapters out of Dr. David Jeremiah's "What In The World Is Going On?" along with consuming several more cups of coffee. All in all, I would say I'm having a great day and it isn't even 2:00 p.m.!
I think I forgot to mention that we were pretty much iced in around here as of last night.

Funny about these kinds of days, like snow days, we give ourselves permission to relax and enjoy being at home.

Did I say relax? My mom now wants me to search the web for how to clean Venetian Blinds. She is on task with that today and has decided there must be an easier way.

Before I head off in obedience to her request, I want you to know something. The reason my day has been one of peace and contentment, even as I move through it, started this morning by spending time with the REASON FOR THE SEASON! Don't let the hurry and scurry of this time of the year distract you from the very reason we as Christians rejoice over this season! To us a Child was born….And His name was Emmanuel…God With Us!

P.S. Remember our missionary families near and far during this time as well. So many of them are unable to be with their loved ones. Pray for their safety, provision, ministries and the power for them to tell the Christmas Story this year!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Loving Jesus and His Ways...

Greetings all. I have been on the road for the past week in the precious state of Texas. Yes, precious to me because I was born there after all. Then there is Oklahoma the state I cherish, yes cherish, because I was ‘born again’ there. Now, I am in Arkansas and this is real life! Ha,ha,ha,ha

So, it was sweet to be moving about the state of Texas again. Had some sweet times of seeing the hand of God move in the lives of others. Had some sweet time of experiencing His move in my own life. Got to spend two days with some very special young ladies to my heart! When I was on staff at Great Hill Baptist Church in Austin I had the privilege of discipling these young ladies for approx. 3 years. What great joy they bring to my life and bring to His kingdom! Now that I no longer live in Austin a group of us get together every year the first weekend of December and we do Christmas together. We have watched two marriages take place over the years, 4 little angels come into this world, and a fifth is on the way. We do wish Jenny would pick a different time to get pregnant because she is one “BIG” hormone the whole weekend. But we love her anyway!!! So far she has hit 3 out of our 5 years together. Ha,ha,ha. Then we spent a part of our time making sure that Heather didn’t get to close to Jenny or eat or drink after her because Heather always ends up pregnant 1-3 months after Jenny. (Don’t ask). Hmmm, I secretly believe God wanted their children to grow up together. Gaylee, Kelli, Holly and I use to be the sane ones out of the bunch. Then Gaylee went and got herself a little precious four legged child named “Bella.” Bella was as entertaining as any of the children could have been. Yes, like most dogs, she is the boss. Holly allowed her work schedule to interfere with the fun. She allowed job security to keep her from coming this year. Hmmmm, what’s up with that, ha! We missed her. So, that just leaves Kelli and me with any significant amount of sanity. And if you knew either one of us you would know that is a real stretch. But, we had fellowship, fun, tears (ok, lot’s of crying, Jenny), fellowship, food, gifts, heart talks, God talks, etc. I pray that all of you have those friends in your life that are ‘journey’ friends. They are always on the road with you somewhere whether to the left, right, front or behind but always moving toward the goal of His kingdom! And I finished my journey up in Texarkana with the icing on the cake as God allowed me spend some needed and precious time with my friends Rick and Ada. He is so faithful to give us all we need just when we need it!

Remember to pray for Poland. Also, we have several other things on the table that we are praying over that again we cannot share just yet. So, Pray for Pure Joy, Give to Pure Joy, and Go with Pure Joy!!!!

Loving All of You..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hello from Northeast Arkansas!

Vickie is on the road this morning and has had a busy time getting out of town, so she asked me to write a blog entry for this week.

First of all, let me assure you that Hershey Marie Stotts has been officially enrolled in Obedience Class to begin at the first of January. We all had a major laugh over Vickie chasing her around our neighborhood!

The "church tour" was great and God was in every part of it from the beginning. We'll be planning another one in Central Arkansas in January, so if you are in that area and would like for us to visit with your Missions Pastor, please let us know. Also, a new brochure is available and I would love to send you one or a few for you to share. Email me at

James 1:2 encourages us "Whenever trouble comes your way, let it be an opportunity for joy."

I was raised with one "cup half full" parent and one "cup half empty" parent. Or I guess I should say one optimist and one pessimist. My dad was always upbeat, smiling and anticipating what was coming next. My mom was a major worrier and was always waiting "for the other shoe to drop". So, my flesh nature can swing either way. As I've grown and experienced life, God has shown me that my cup is always "full" if I choose for it to be. Jeff and I are trying to teach our kids to "choose joy". We try to tell them in the midst of life challenges, big and small, that the enemy can take over and make everything bad if we allow it.

This morning our second son Will, who is 13, was doing some last minute studying for a Science test. Our oldest son Wade, who is 16 and licensed, but can't drive until March because of some new law about waiting six months blah blah blah something or other, was already at school for Bible Study. Melody, who is 8 only in years, and I were in the van waiting for Jeff to finish quizzing Will on Science. And yes, it was past time to be gone. Will runs out of the door holding his 50 pound backpack in front of him and trying to get between my van and Jeff's jeep in the garage, hits the jeep hard with the van door and steps in a Hershey pile (I'm hoping obedience training will help some of that too), puts his backpack in the van runs out to the grass to wipe off the Hershey pile, runs back in the garage and gets in the van and shuts the door. I start to back up and Hershey is behind the van so Jeff runs out in his bare feet (it's cold in NE Arkansas today) and picks up Hershey so we can back out -- and we're on our way - late! As we catch our breath on the fast ride to school, Will looks at me and says, "Mom, isn't that the way it goes?" and begins to list the things that had just happened. And, always the Mom that I am, I said, "and what does the devil want us to do, but get mad and be mad all day" and Will was smiling and nodding his head and we all laughed together. Thank you God for another "opportunity for joy"!

I pray you "Choose Joy" today, especially during this blessed season that reminds us when "Joy" came to the world!

Wendy Stotts