Monday, September 28, 2009

Dead things...

This past Friday afternoon I walked out behind our house to spot something in the distance that I couldn’t quite make out. As I got closer to the object, I realized it was a big ol catfish head and part of the body that had been discarded by someone fishing the lake. (We live on a peninsula of the lake.) I took a stick to it to roll it over and whewwww we are talking some major stink!!

I went in the house and got my mom and told her she had to see this. (In retrospect, I don’t have a clue why she needed to see it!) Anyway, she came out and looked at it and we both had no problem agreeing that it stunk! Then we began the process of trying to figure out how it got in that close to the house, buzzards, a raccoon, cat, etc. (In retrospect, I don’t have a clue why either one of us needed to know that either!)

That ole dead fish reminds me of how the enemy likes to drag up the past. But it also reminds me that when something is dead the only thing that can come from stirring it up is a big stink! Next time the enemy tries to drag up your past, don’t roll it over...just keep walking! Jesus paid it all!

Keep all the missionary women all over the world in your prayers and also pray for Pure Joy as God directs us on our trips for 2010-2011.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Two in One...

I’m asking Patty to post this in the Friends of Pure Joy letter and to the blog so we can all get back on the same page together. I had several people say they went to the blog while we were gone to the Middle East but didn’t see updates there. The reason there are no blogs posted when we travel is because we use our "Friends of Pure Joy" distribution list to update you. If you want to get the updates when we are out of the country, please go to the web site and sign up as a Friend of Pure Joy.

Now for the update from our trip! We are all back and doing well. This is the first time we didn’t have any of the team members get really ill. Thanking and praising our Lord and Savior for that! We had a couple of people have bouts with some stomach stuff, but nothing like we usually experience when we are gone overseas.

We had an incredible time with the ladies we were given the opportunity to minister to in the Middle East. God clearly spoke to the hearts of several of us on the team regarding some personal decisions we had been praying over. I personally had clarity from Him on something I have been struggling with almost five months. Sometimes I think the retreats are more for the team than the ladies, but I know He touches both!

I want to take a moment to ask every one of you who are reading this as a blog or as a "Friend of Pure Joy"….please take some time to pray about if God wants you to partner with Pure Joy in some shape, form or fashion -- not just as individuals, but your church. We have several retreats on the horizon for 2010. Each of those will need sponsoring churches. I encourage you to talk with your Women’s Ministry Director, WMU Director, and or Missions Director about my availability to come in and visit with your church family. We are looking for sponsoring churches from all over the U.S.

Please pray as you never have before for His Kingdom Work! Near and Far! It is time for the Children of the King to start letting others know who our Abba (Daddy) is!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's time...

Well, the trunks are full and the team is ready and those awaiting our arrival are ready as well. Now it is down to the last minute details. You know the ones where no matter what you do you think you are forgetting something. And when you’re sitting on the plane you realize you actually did forget something but why waste a good parachute!

I want to thank all of you that have been giving to this trip and to the ministry through prayer, finances, and letting your loved ones go with us. I know that there will be treasure stored up for you in Heaven when the day comes.

Please remember to sign up as a Friend of Pure Joy if you want to stay up with us while we are gone. I will be trying to write daily updates and Patty will post them for us.