Monday, February 23, 2009

Gone With The Wind...

I know most of you conjure up scenes from the movie when you see that title. I too have a scene that comes into my mind as well; it is of Carol Burnett doing an imitation of Scarlett walking down the staircase. In that scene Carol Burnett has clothed herself in a curtain along with the rod that held it. Very funny and totally creative! Creativity -- isn't it a wonderful thing?! I am constantly amazed at how God has programmed us all to be different, to see things differently, and to do things differently and yet He has given us His Word as a plumb line to keep us going in the same direction for His Glory!!!

His Glory, isn't it a wonderful thing?! The bottom line to it all!

Well, remember the team that is going to an undisclosed location?? We leave this coming Sunday, March 1. We have been blessed by all the friends of Pure Joy who have given to this trip. This past weekend, a couple of the team members did a garage sale and sold things at the mall in Jonesboro to raise funds for the trip. We are in a good place only lacking $3,500 for this trip. If God moves on your heart to
contribute to that last portion, please receive our thanks in advance. It has been amazing to watch how many of you have come to the table to help out! Thank you so much.

Pray for safety as we travel. Pray for the Word that will be spoken in song, message, hospitality, fellowship, activities, etc. Pray that God will use this time to encourage the women, to refresh them, to equip them for the journey and the battles!

I also, want to pray for so many of you who read this blog. I pray today that whatever the enemy has been at work on, trying to steal your joy and your testimony
that God will expose the lies fully and set you free! Never forget that you, my sisters, are Children of the King! While we don't always act like it……our behaviors don't change our identity, but they do reflect over time if we understand our identity. So let's just commit together today to start acting like who we really are! HIS!

Don't forget to pray for Poland it is on the schedule so very soon to. Our team has finally come together. We will have churches being represented from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Tennessee. That should scare the devil…all these Southern Women. Ha,ha,ha)


P.S. For those of you that are keeping up with the rivalry of my Uncle Charles and I on our Wii Bowling. As of yesterday I am officially ‘only’ 15 games down. Going into our Sunday afternoon time yesterday I was 16 games down. After two hours non-stop I made it to 15 games. As you can see there is a lot of winning and losing going on during that time. Wew! I am determined to get back to an even 0-0 game count with him before the summer. However, if it stops being fun and turns into work I’ll have to give it up!!! So, far I’m just having fun and it’s wearing me out!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Food, Fun, and God At Work...

Yesterday we had a Tex-Mex lunch fundraiser at our home church FBC Morrilton, AR. Once again I got my mom and aunt in the middle of cooking. Pray for them because I suspect they've prayed God would move me into a different family system! Ha,ha,ha,ha

Then Mrs. Pat had to help you-know-who-here mix the brownie batter. Now, really that shouldn't be hard for a person who can read. So, why was that hard for me? I doubled the doubled recipe. (Don't ask!) Truth is, I should not be left alone in a kitchen situation!

Our (Mr. Ben, Mr. Wayne and myself) 4th-6th grade Sunday school class helped set up tables and were assigned to the tables as waiters and waitresses. They were so precious and cute and did a great job. Several of our ladies who have traveled with Pure Joy also helped prepare and helped with clean up afterwards. The church family was very generous and we raised a significant amount of money for our 'undisclosed' trip coming up in two weeks!

For those of you who are keeping record, my Uncle Charles is still killing me in Wii bowling. I'm only 20 games down as of yesterday. We played almost five hours straight. If this ever gets to the place where it feels like work I'm going to have to give it up. So far it is still just fun!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful time in your home churches yesterday. I want to encourage you to please make sure that you are a part of a local body of believers! I love to read Acts 2 and long for the day that the church today could possibly move in the truth of God's Word and the Spirit in such a fashion that the overflow would be similar to Acts 2.

Please pray, pray, pray for the things going on in the weeks and months ahead with trips!

Here are some images from our luncheon with the FBC Family - enjoy!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sliding in two days late….

Well, wouldn’t you know I missed my Monday blog curfew! However, the ministry staff is so busy with preparations for two retreats within 2 months of each other that I myself didn’t even remember until I suddenly had a moment to breathe for a second.

I’m confident that of late I’m not breathing enough! I suspect most of the ministry staff is feeling that way this moment. That is not a good thing unless God Himself takes your breath away by His total Majesty, Glory, Being, Grace, Love, etc. So, pray for us to not miss His Breath in the journey.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to grab some lunch with a sweet sister that is over the “Women’s Ministry” at her church. It was a sweet time to hear about how God is at work in her life and ministry and to see what God is up to regarding their church and Pure Joy. Please pray as we prepare to share with their church in March.

Also, we have a trip to an undisclosed location coming up in two weeks. Pray as we are working diligently to get things prepared and that we stay yielded to His counsel in the process and with every detail! Also, we have Poland on the horizon 2 ½ months out. Pray for that retreat as well.

I want to personally thank all you who have been giving to our trip coming up in two weeks. We still need several $1,000 more dollars to meet the cost of the undisclosed trip but you know me…I am a water walker and know that our Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills. Join me in praying that God will continue to move on the hearts of people to give to this trip.

Don’t forget that I would love to come visit with you about Pure Joy, speak at your women’s events, etc. Whatever it takes for us to be obedient to the ‘call’ God has on this ministry to minister to our missionary women all over the world.


Monday, February 2, 2009


Wow! This past weekend some of the women from our past Quito, Jordan, Costa Rica, and Venezuela teams who live nearby came together to do a "Taste of Pure Joy at Home" for the ladies of FBC Morrilton, AR. Our theme was, "Dance While You Can". It was an awesome time as we laughed, cried, worshiped, got in the Word, had sweet fellowship, gave lots of gifts, and of course we had to eat and that we did! I believe we were all challenged to be much more sensitive to hearing God's voice and living life His way and came to a more clear understanding of what it really means to 'Dance'. Maybe, some of the women will post on the blog their thoughts… (hint, hint)

We have a lot of activity going on with Pure Joy right now. We are taking a team into an undisclosed area in March. We have Poland coming up in April/May. We are locking in dates on the fall retreats. I am trying to get into churches to share the opportunities to join alongside us as we minister to our missionary women all over the world.

Please pray, give, and be willing to go!

A thought for you this week…..In Psalm 8 God says to the Psalmist:

"I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which though shalt go; I will guide thee with mine eye."

Spurgeon in his commentary on the book of Psalms writes the following regarding the line, "I will guide thee with mine eye".

"As servants take their cue from the master's eye, and a nod or a wink is all that they require, so should we obey the lightest hints of our Master, not needing thunderbolts to startle our incorrigible sluggishness, but being controlled by whispers and love-touches. The Lord is the great overseer, whose eye in providence overlooks everything. It is well for us to be the sheep of his pasture, following the guidance of his wisdom."

The thought for the week: Are you living in such a way that He through the Holy Spirit is able to move you with whispers and love–touches? Or, do you require thunderbolts to startle your incorrigible sluggishness?