Friday, October 25, 2019


Yes, I have already been in trouble from several of you for not getting this blog out sooner. (smile) To summarize our time in Brazil, it was really good. We were blessed with two contact people from the beginning through the help of several of you here in the states. Melissa and Rachael were priceless in their roles of making sure that logistics regarding arriving, hotel, sightseeing, etc., were in order.

The team that traveled to Brazil was amazing. We actually had 5 newbies that had never traveled with us before. They were incredible. The missionary women are without a doubt, precious. They are my “people group” so I have a special affection for them. (smile) As always, the missionary women are on their fields of service as singles, families, widowed, and/or divorced serving our LORD in the destinations He has called them to. Yes, they have struggles, yes, they aren’t perfect, but they, like many of you reading this blog, desire as we do at Pure Joy International to serve him wholeheartedly in spite of our imperfections. Thank you, LORD, that you aren’t looking for perfect people (there aren’t any) but you are looking for Christ followers! That is what we saw in our missionary women and team that attended the conference, Christ followers.

We pray that God touched hearts through affirmation, conviction, and challenges that lead us to live vertically in this crazy world instead of horizontally. In other words, by faith not by sight.

I am including some of the pictures of the wonderful women we were able to come alongside and pour into because of your prayer support, giving, gifting and going.

Can’t even begin to share with you how much each one of you that invest in this ministry in the smallest minute way touches a life across the waters. Thank You from the depths of my heart for caring for the women that leave the comfort of worldly things to obey the call, to Him, their husband, their children, and ministry.


Friday, October 18, 2019

Been Missing the Blogs this week...

It’s simple, I haven’t posted any since Tuesday or was that Monday. Ha, ha, ha

I have been waiting for us to be able to post more pics. They speak so much more than just the words. However, there have been some issues getting things downloaded or is that uploaded? Anyway, I will post pics when we get back.

Let me say for now that this week has been awesome. The ladies are wonderful. They came in with such open hearts ready to receive and be vulnerable. We have covered a lot of territory from God, to husbands, to kids, to families,  to ministry, etc.

They are “loving the gifts” you have made for them. Many have shared with me how they would have never been able to attend this conference apart from the generous support provided by you, along with the prayers lifted up and being lifted up. Also, by the time you read this tonight they will have received their favorite bags. I can already tell you they are going to be happy campers. (smile)

So, continue to pray as we bring the conference to an end tomorrow. Pray for the missionaries and team members to all arrive back to their families safely.

Love you all, Keep praying!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Retreat begins...

Report from Brazil tonight is that all is well. The missionary women have arrived and the first evening went well. Pictures coming later in the week.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Days 2 & 3

It is 7:06 p.m. here which means it is 5:06 p.m. in the central U.S. We are 2 hours ahead of you. Tonight, I am going to give you a collage of pictures from the last two days. Some of the team, some of meals, some of places we have seen, some of the team meeting and planning for some of the last-minute details. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Team Arrives In Sao Paulo, Brazil in different planes…

Mary shared with you last night that the team was on its way to Brazil after rain delays.  Those delays resulted in some of the team members being shifted to another airline and flying out of Houston to get to Sao Paulo, instead of flying out of Dallas.
This picture is the team arriving from Dallas into Sao Paulo. 
 Once there we made it though custom with no issues.

This picture is of some of our team 
that had to be shifted to fly out of Houston.
They pulled in behind us by about 2 hours.
Going through customs was a little more exciting for them 
because the agents wanted to go through several of their trunks.

We also have one more team member flying out of Dallas tonight that couldn’t make it sooner due to work. Please pray safe travels for her.

Rachael, one of our contact people here in Brazil met us at the airport and made sure we got to the hotel and found a place to eat a meal together. We are preparing to have our first team meeting and devotional shortly. Please continue to pray that everyone gets rest tonight and that God speaks to our hearts and unites us as a team as we journey towards our time with the missionary women.

God has put together a great team! Thank you for your prayers!


Friday, October 11, 2019

Brazil Team is on their way...

Despite weather delays, the Pure Joy International Team is headed to Brazil. Please keep them in your prayers as they complete their travel.