Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Did you relax...

What is it about getting back to familiar settings that is so nice? Remember last week the blog lead in was “Getting Older”. Well, I suppose this has to do with the very same thing. People have asked, “did you have a relaxing time on your vacation?” Again, I was on the beach with two 15 year old girls and a beach full of boys. No! I did not relax!

Truthfully, I saw a lot of other adults who weren’t looking too relaxed either. But, these are those memorable times in life that you look back on and say, “remember when we…”

I’m not there yet! (Ha - ha - ha)

Hope everyone is doing well and remembering to pray for our upcoming retreat to the Middle East. We are so excited. We have 50 women signed up and 17 on a waiting list. My dear friends, this so speaks to the need of this ministry and others like it. Again, please pray and see if God would have you partner with us in prayer, going, and giving.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting Old...

We are here in Gulf Shores with all the other thousands of people that are here in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Yesterday when we arrived we got unpacked and headed straight to the water with my niece and her precious friend; they are 15 year old girls - need I say more. As we began our descent into the sea of bodies I noted a group of boys (5 to be exact) grouped up to my left. Being a good Aunt I made sure we made it well past them before setting up our site. Off to the water the girls went wearing much of nothing in my humble opinion, but remember I’m getting old. It took that group of boys about 10 minutes to spot those two girls out in the water. My mom was oblivious to the event that was beginning to unfold until I said, “sharks in the water”. I suppose I could have used a different term. Anyway, I directed her to the 5 young boys headed out to the girls who I lovingly deemed “the minnows”.

The next hour was quite entertaining as we watched the sharks move in slowly and circle and the minnows pretend not to see them but loving every minute of it. This entertainment went on for some time and my mom and I had a couple of good laughs. Oh, don’t worry, REMEMBER I’m getting old so when all of a sudden the Sharks and Minnows exit the water and start heading towards us, I tell my mom, “this should be good”. It was very entertaining as well but in the end the Mama Whale (Aunt Vickie) swallowed everyone whole. That is what happens when you get old - you ruin everyone’s fun! Hmmmmmmm

Don’t forget to continue lifting up our Middle East trip!


Friday, July 17, 2009


Had a great day this week with the team that is going to the Middle East this coming September. There is nothing more exciting to me than watching a team come together in all the different areas of ministry required of the journey! Watching everyone work towards ‘excellence’ for His Glory and the hearts of our missionary women on the field is like finding the perfect watermelon on a hot summer day! Pure pleasure and enjoyment!
Ok, the fact that team member Debbie G. made caramel popcorn for me added some fun! Yes, I shared it with the team. But I can’t say my heart was pure about wanting to do that! ha, ha,ha

Wendy is on the road returning from a mission trip to Mexico with her family. She will be writing the blog next week and I promise you she has a lot to share about her trip.

Please continue to pray for Pure Joy and very specifically for our trip in September. Lift up the missionaries that will be attending and prayerfully ask God if HE would encourage you to give.

I am headed to Gulf Shores for a week with my family. Please pray for me as this white cotton ball is exposed to the elements. My goal is NOT to come home looking like a cherry!

Hmmmm, I have a lot of food analogies going on in this blog. I better go grab a bite of something, I must be hungry.

Have a great weekend!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Eye openers...

You know what those are don’t you? Those moments along the way in our lives when God allows us to hear something, observe something, read something, etc. that really puts life back into perspective. Well, this weekend I had one of those eye-opening moments.

Friday afternoon, before I left the office, I picked up a book that had been on my shelf for some time. But for whatever reason, (His Timing), I had not been drawn to it until then.

The book is on China as one of the last superpowers of the world before the great battle of Armageddon. I have hardly put the book down since I started reading it Friday night. I actually, spent all day on the fourth in my PJ’s with that book in my hand.

Now why the eye opening moment? Because weeks previous to this, there was this stuff going on in my home church that was depressing. You know how that is too. Home churches are like families, and if you have a family you have stuff along the way…same applies to our churches and both provide us an opportunity to grow!!!! The point….. !!

God reminded me that our missionary women and their families risk their lives in some of these foreign countries with the only desire, “to share the Good News of The Gospel”.

I was so challenged to look into my heart and see, do I desire to share the Good News every opportunity I have. Am I making opportunities? Truthfully, I used to have that heart beat, but somewhere a long the way I have been lured away from that desire. And I use the word lured because that is what the enemy does-- he lures us away from the sharing of the Gospel with lots of spiritual things!

Well, my eyes are ‘opened’ again, praise God!!! If yours aren’t “wake up my friend”!

Please pray for missionaries all over this world and remember you are one too! And don’t forget there is an enemy out there ready to lure all of us asleep. Let’s help keep each other awake on the watch!!

Please continue to pray for Pure Joy as the team prepares to go to an undisclosed location in the Middle East. Pray for the women who will attend. We already have women signed up and a waiting list. Pray God will have just the women He wants there.

If you want to be a part of giving to this retreat, please see the section on our home page that directs you to giving online or by mail.

Look for the opportunity to tell someone about Him today, and praise God we can do so without risking our lives--at least for this season, in America.