Monday, November 30, 2009

What's in a Name?

I’m going to list several names for you and then I want you to think about everything you know about that person; Tiger Woods, Hannah Montana, Elvis Presley, Madonna, and Billy Graham. I can promise you that for each person listed above, you know what they have done or do and you have an opinion about their character.

As we continue our breakdown of the Lord’s Prayer, we come to “Hallowed be thy Name”.

The word “Hallow” means to pronounce as Holy. In others words the “Names” of God are Holy because He is Holy. Then the “Names” themselves also tell of His attributes/character. I am going to give you some Names of God and you thing about what attributes/character traits come to mind. He is Almighty, Majestic, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Creator, Great Physician, etc.

So, now, let’s take our prayer to this point and see what it might look like as we are led by the Spirit to pray it out...

Our Father, Father to my brothers and sisters all around the world look upon us this day from the place of (in) Heaven above. Lord you know each one of us by name. The God who named the stars of heaven and would know if even one is missing, “Hallowed be thy Name”. Name above all names, Holy, Majestic, All knowing, All powerful, Every where present, we call on your name today. I call on you to accomplish your will through our lives as your children. LORD, shape us more each day into your character. Meet us where we are and take us to where we should go.

Next week we will look at “Thy kingdom come”. I pray that you are allowing the Spirit of God to direct you in your prayer as you pray through this Lord’s Prayer each week. If you allow the Spirit to move, you will not have to be concerned about being repetitious.

Yesterday, I had the sweet opportunity to address the church of FBC Paris, AR on the topic of missions. It was a sweet time with a sweet group of believers. I remind us all today that He commands us all to “Go”. Whether He is asking you to go across the street, across the state, to another state or the ends of the earth is between you and Him,but if we are to be obedient to the great commission we all must “go”.

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day full of Thanksgiving! I would love to hear some laughable moments from some of you regarding the day. As we know, when families come together it is good for a laugh, or a cry!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

P.S. The rest of the story...

So, at the Global Impact Conference at Central Baptist Church in Jonesboro, all the missionaries set their booths up and display pictures, brochures, information, etc. to let the church family know about their ministry. Usually two different missions organizations share a long rectangular table. On Sunday after church we were supposed to be standing out in front of our booths. As I am standing there a man comes up to me and introduces himself. Then he says I want to donate a heifer to your ministry. This ministry and I pointed to the Pure Joy International heading? Yes, he said. A heifer, I said? Yes, a heifer, he replied, you know a cow?

I said,oh yeah, I know what a heifer is. Well, he said, I want to donate it to your ministry. As I’m standing there thinking what will I do with a cow, Wendy walks up. I said, oh, let me introduce you to our Public Relations (PR) person for our ministry. Wendy I said, this man wants to donate a cow to us. A cow, she asked? Yes, a cow I said. Wendy looks at the gentleman and says, is it processed? No, it is a live cow, he replies. Hmmmm - you can see both Wendy and my brains trying to figure out how we can receive this gift for our ministry and turn it into funds. Then Wendy says so it’s not processed? The man says no, but I’ll go ahead and pay to have it processed for you. Great I’m thinking. Now we have the cow cut up in all these packages -- now what do we do with it. Then I said, I guess we can have a raffle and sell chances on the meat. The man looks at us and says yeah if you want to. You can probably get about $600 for it even though he is looking at us both like we are really, really, bleached blonde. Then the light bulb goes off in my head and I say, are you sure you're not wanting to give this to The Kings Ranch (the missions group next to us). Yeah he said isn’t that you? No, we are with Pure Joy International. He said I thought all this was the same. No sir I said. Yes I want to donate a heifer to The Kings Ranch. Since the people from that table weren’t there at the time I got his name and promised to let them know.

I can’t even tell you how hard we all laughed about that interaction. Finally he could admit he thought we were a little crazy! I told him later that I thought I should at least get a steak dinner out of this deal some day! Who says missions isn’t fun!!!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Teach us to pray...

Last week we looked at the words “Our Father”. I hope that gave you some things to think about. Today I want us to look at the words, “in heaven”. Those words encourage me. They tell me He is above all things! He is Jehovah who sees! Don’t ever let the enemy deceive you into believing that “Our Father in heaven” doesn’t see exactly what the enemy is up to, and let us not be deceived into believing that He doesn’t see what we are up too as well. He is “in heaven” above all things. So, my precious ones remember this--when it is over your head……it is under His feet! Amen!

Spent the last five days in Jonesboro, AR at Central Baptist Church as they hosted their yearly Global Impact Conference. They bring in Missionaries from around the world for a conference full of activities. I had the great opportunity to speak with several Life Groups and attend several luncheons with the opportunity to share about Pure Joy International. Central Baptist is one of three sponsoring churches that commit to partner with us each year. The other churches are FBC Morrilton, AR, and Shiloh Bible Church Elko, Nevada. We are so thankful for the commitment of these churches.

I'm believing God for many more sponsoring churches in the future! Yes, in spite of the economy, I’ve decided to Trust in Him!

I want you to know that I am soooooooooo thankful for all of you who pray for, give to, and go with Pure Joy International. I pray that this Thanksgiving, God will bless your day with your family and friends.

Please remember all of our missionaries around the world who will not sit down to a meal with their families from the U.S. because of their faithfulness to serve Him overseas. Also, make room at your table for someone who doesn’t have a table to sit down at.


P.S. I have a funny about the weekend in Jonesboro. I will have to find time tomorrow to write about it because my next client is here. So, check back tomorrow some time. It is a good laugh!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our Father...

Last week I ask you to meditate on the Lord’s Prayer that He gave to the disciples in Matthew 6:9-15. I hope you spent some time on that. This week I want you to think about the first couple of words “Our Father”. I love that word “Our”. Notice Jesus didn’t instruct them to start out with “My” Father. Hmmmmm Think He wanted them and us to realize that we are not an Only Child! I know that comes as a shock to some so I will give you a second of pause here………………ok, breeeeeathe.

Our “Father”….John 1:12 assures us of our identity.

12But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, 13who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God.

He chose to Father us! It was His will! Wow! Who’s your Daddy? God is!

Today, Father, I want to lift up my brothers and sisters all over this world. Father I do not know the names or faces of most of them but I do know that if you are their Father they are my brothers and sisters. So, I pray for all of my brothers and sisters near and far and everywhere in between. Lord, today give each of them what they need to experience the grace to trust you more! Father, today reveal yourself to each one of them no matter their circumstances and may they KNOW your love today. Father I pray at night when we look to the heavenlies and the sky is filled with limitless stars that we would remember each other around the world! We are your stars that you have given life to that we may light the world and Glorify your Name!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Take a Challenge...

This week read the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13. Don’t use commentaries to break it down. Just take one word at a time, one verse at a time, and chew on it, meditate on it, write down what He shows you about it. Write down what you learn about yourself from it. Look at what you see about others in it. And what about the enemy? I love this prayer because it addresses the four people groups that the entire Scriptures are all about: God, others, self, and the enemy!

Have an awesome week as you take this Challenge!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello from out West

I am in Nevada this week visiting friends. It is always such a sweet time to be back in the church out here and see old and new faces. Shiloh Bible Church is one of our churches that prays for Pure Joy, gives monthly to Pure Joy and goes (they have women who have gone from their church on at least one trip a year the past two years). It is wonderful to be able to worship with fellow sisters and brothers in Christ who share a heart for our Savior!

Yesterday, during the church services, Bro. David preached out of Ephesians. During his sermon one of the things he alluded to was how we treat God. He shared with me later that we spend a lot of time on how we are to treat each other in churches but we don't spend as much on our relationship with God. As I have pondered his words I really started thinking about how we do teach a lot on repentance, confession of sin, salvation, baptism, ministry, spiritual gifts, etc. But, how much teaching do we really receive about that intimacy with our Heavenly Father. When that intimacy is right with God we don't have to wonder how to treat each other, we just have to be obedient to His overflow in our hearts. That obedience will teach us to learn to die to self and put others first. By the way how is your relationship with God? Intimate?

Our Pure Joy newsletter will be coming out soon. If you would like a copy mailed to you then let us know by contacting and giving her your name and mailing address. Also, if you have a change of address please contact her to update your information.

Have a wonderful week. And keep our missionary women and their families in your prayers daily. He Knows Their Name!