Saturday, September 24, 2016

Good Day All ...

Well, the ladies have (except a few who had flights out today) made their way back to their countries and homes. We, too, are headed to the airport.

Thank you for your prayers and lifting us up to finish strong. Wow, what a time in God’s word and presence of His Spirit we enjoyed with the ladies.

Please pray with us that God will seal with His Spirit the truths they need to let take root in their hearts and apply to their lives growing forward. The same for us as a team. May His name continue to be raised high in these countries through His humble servants. And ...

Don't think about resting, Mexico is 6 weeks away! I’m not sure how many more ladies have signed up since we left but we will be in warp speed coming back. I know we had 30 something when we left for here. We had just starting getting sponsorships in. Please start praying for all the sponsorships for Mexico to come in according to His good will and purpose! And please start praying for the missionaries and the team that will join us there! Our theme is "Redeemed" and our verse is Psalms 107:2.

There are never enough words to tell you all how much we love and appreciate your prayers. We always know they only see 10-15 team members but we know an army of 6-8 hundred accompany us, and more on each trip through going, gifting, giving and prayer (most importantly)!

Love you all,


Friday, September 23, 2016

Full Days...

This was our second full day with the ladies! They are a blast, eager to learn, fellowship, worship, shop (during their free time, smile). Yes, we do let them have a few hours on their own in the afternoon.

It is so awesome to hear their stories. They are a very sweet spirited group. They are so appreciative of the gifts!!

Tomorrow will be our last day with them before they all return to their countries!! We return home Sunday evening.  

Keep praying for us we want to finish strong!!!

Love you all,


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Our Ladies Arrive....

 We woke up to final preparations for the ladies arriving for registration today.  

The meeting room was prayed over and the tables prepared with some of the gifts they will be receiving throughout the week. Those gifts being things you have made for them. They are so excited!!
 It was fun to listen to them talk about their trip here. Some have flown in while others have made long car journeys. I told one group of four that traveled together, "You know you loved riding that long with a couple of girlfriends! No husbands or children just a girls' outing!” They laughed and admitted it was true.

They cannot comprehend how many of you were involved in making this happen. One shared with me with tears in her eyes, I cannot believe people have been and are praying for us even now. It truly means a lot to them.
So keep praying and lifting all of us up to the Father. The starter gun just went off. We still have 3 more days to go! 



Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Great News!

Our team members that were stuck in Hong Kong were able to get the passport situation taken care of and arrived this afternoon after lunch. It is Tuesday night as I write this note to you. Praising God and thanking you for your prayers!
Yesterday the team did some sightseeing and had some fun moments as you can see.

This morning we went to a batik shop and did a picture. For those of you that don't know what that is here is a link....

While most of the team did their day of sightseeing here the others did theirs in Hong Kong yesterday. (Smile)

We have had good time learning about the people groups of this area and trying out their authentic food. It has been great!!

However, fun is over and work begins this afternoon as we work on the final details of preparation before the ladies arrive.

Please pray for their safety as they travel and as they leave their husbands and children behind if married.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Prayer burst

All but two of team members arrived to our destination at 2:30 a.m. and 7:30 respectively this morning - the time here.

We are Praising God for the safe arrival of 8 of us. However, I am asking you to be in prayer for two of our team members still in Hong Kong due to a passport issue. Well, actually one with a passport issue, the other as her Barnabas. (Smile)

Asking God to extend Grace as they go to the embassy in Hong Kong Monday morning to work out issue. Please pray for God to make away! We are peaceable and know He has this!!!

Need all of you praying!


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Greetings from Hong Kong,

We just touched down. We had a great trip and I don't think most of us had any trouble sleeping no matter what links we had to go to. (Smile)

We are here for around 3 hours and then back in the air for around 4 hours before reaching our final destination.  
The team is all well. No one is feeling ill. For a group of women I'd say we are doing great! We all digested about 5 movies on the plane. Ha ha ha
And slept though half of them! Ha ha
Keep praying!!
Love you all.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

3:00 a.m. No problem......

Well, you are looking at 5 of 30 pieces of trunks and luggage that are packed and getting ready to be loaded on flights to Southeast Asia this Friday morning early. After months of your prayers, giving, gifting and going, we are ready to step foot on the other side of the globe. The team is excited and ready to go. Please pray for good flights, safe weather, all trunks and luggage to get to Southeast Asia with us. On the same plane. Ha,ha,ha,ha

Don’t forget that I will be posting a blog to you daily. Yes, I will add some pics too. We are 13 hours ahead of you so as I write this blog tonight it is 9:30 p.m. here which means it is 10:30 a.m. in the part of the world we will be ministering in the next week. So if you have family member on this team just remember our night is your day. Your day is our night.
Don’t forget about Mexico. We had 3 more M’s sign up today which brings us up to 34. We have 5 sponsored so far. Please be prayerful about God bringing in the resources for the trip. The women there are getting excited too. Just 8 weeks away. Wow! It will be an awesome thing to watch God bring in the resources for this trip on such a short turn around. Make sure you keep up with the blog concerning that because it is fun to watch His Hand at Work!!! Be obedient if He is asking you to be a part of that.
So, until Friday when I write again from across the ocean keep us on your minds and hearts.

Love you ..

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

You Wear Me Out ...

How many times growing up have you heard that spoken to you by your parents? Or heard another set of parents saying that to their children? And how many times have you said or thought that about your spouse, or friend, or peers at work and yes even your church family? If you haven’t ever said those words, there is still a good possibility someone has said them about you. ha,ha,ha, ha,ha I’m confident my mom has said that about me even as an adult. Even though she didn’t say it I think she may have thought it once or twice in this past week. Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,   
But, here is where the rubber meets the road. It is when you say it to yourself! I had one of those conversations with myself just this morning. It went something like this... “Are you kidding me? Stop it! How hard is this? You know better! You wear me out.” The Apostle Paul actually struggled with the same things only he said it with a lot more style....
Romans 7:15 (NLT)
“I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate.”

You might ask, “Well, what did he hate?” The same things we do as followers of Christ! He hated sin! He hated those thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions that did not line up with God’s Word and who he was as a child of God! He hated when he didn’t trust God, walk in faith, be obedient, put others first, die to self, and all the other things we struggle with daily. 
And he, like us, had to confess his ways that didn’t line up with God’s word, forgive himself, forgive others, and remember we are overcomers in Christ when we yield to Him daily and allow Him to live through us. Yes, my friend we are never going to be perfect this side of heaven but we are being perfected day by day!
Can I give you a bit of encouragement here...? Praise God for those struggles. They remind us that the Holy Spirit of God indwells us and that we are children of the Most High God. Children of the King. And when we don’t act like who we really are, our Heavenly Father graciously reminds us through the conviction of the Holy Spirit that indwells us. 
If you haven’t been convicted over sin in your life in a while, bow the knee and ask God to shine His light across your heart. Confess, repent, and grow forward!
Ok, so that is my confession for today, at least so far. Ha,ha,ha,ha On to ministry news... (smile)
We are so close into Asia we can almost touch it. I can’t believe we leave a week from Friday. It is all coming together. Thank you so much!! Thank you for the sponsorships, gifts, cards, etc. that you have invested. Hope you are continuing to pray over your M and their family and/or ministry while we are on the field.  
Also, the Mexico Team got their first team letter last night. So they are getting ready to step up to the process of getting ready for the conference in Mexico. I want to ask you to start praying like a mad dog that sponsorships will begin to come in for this conference. We have approximately 30 women signed up as of now. Will keep you, as always, in the loop if that changes. 
Saw a great movie this weekend called “Greater.” If you are looking for something to go see, check it out. Don’t know if it will make it to any places overseas but if it does those of you reading this across the oceans check it out.
Love you all...