Tuesday, September 28, 2010

That's What I'm Talking About...

As my dear friend Donna Rychlik loves to say, “Wooooooooo” and she isn’t calling the “Hogs” either. That is the sound that rises up in her and comes out of that inner spirit when she is Praising our Heavenly Father in all His Fullness.

I had an incredible weekend on the road and just want to thank all of you that kept me in your prayers. The weekend started with my mom and I making our way down to Gainesville, Texas. We hit McAlester, OK and we hit the flea markets. My sweet momma bought me a stash of about eight books. I like to keep my office filled with books I can give to someone if I need to. So a good flea market price will be $1-$3 versus $20-$30 for the same book off the shelf at a Christian Book store. Also, most of them are like new. However, when it comes to me personally getting one, I like the ones that are very old and probably out of print and someone wrote their thoughts and feelings throughout the pages because that is how I read a book as well. I need the Authors to start leaving me a little more writing room! Ha,.ha,ha,ha.

Our theme in Gainesville, TX was “The Ties that Bind”. They had the whole place decorated in aprons tied together throughout the foyer and sanctuary along with quilts draped over different things. The premise was around missions and how we all are called to bind together to share the Good News! The women were great, the music was great, testimony from a missionary was great, gifts given away were great, the food was great, and the message was just what God wanted shared. Great Evening! Nancy Wright, thanks to you and your ladies at FBC for a special time in the LORD!!

The next morning we headed to Marietta, OK. Their theme was also “The Ties That Bind”. They, too, decorated with aprons. Again missions being the emphasis. Again, music, testimonies, food, gifts given away as well. I would like to stop here and say please pray for Donna and her ladies because they never put the numbers above a hundred in the basket to draw out, which is fine except for those of us who had numbers in the two hundreds! In Arkansas we call that rigging an outcome! I don’t know what they call it in Texas! Ha,hah,a,ha,ha,ha. Anyway, the messages were just what God ordered up and we had a sweet time in the LORD. Thanks to Donna Rychlik and the ladies of FBC, Marietta, OK for a sweet time in the LORD!

Then we made our way to Atoka, OK for an evening event. Now just let me say what we had planned and what God had planned were not the same. However, it was incredible as we followed the leading of the Holy Spirit. The theme was “Daughters of the King”. The ladies were precious, the worship so sweet, the hearts so open. God is about the business of doing a work among the church family there. Ladies in Atoka if you are reading this….thank you for your desire to know His ways more! Get behind your new Women’s Ministry Director and help each other to be successful in the things of the LORD! Amanda Gentry, thank you for keeping up with getting me there! You did good!

The next morning my precious mom, who probably feels like she has been drug all over the country side, and I got up about 4 a.m. and headed back to Arkansas. I made it to Sunday school by 10 but didn’t miss the lesson! In big church we are looking at Nehemiah and Leadership which I love if you know me! Awesome study to get into!
But the grand finish of the day came with the privilege of addressing the GMA girls and their Daddies at the Father Daughter Banquet at our church! Oh, for our Fathers to understand the vital role they play in the hearts of their sons and daughters, such an awesome thing to see those Dads, Grandpas and Uncles show up for those girls!

The icing on the cake was when Helen, a dear sister from Sunday school, and I got to carry a gift basket to a young woman our class has been ministering to. Our drive out into the countryside could have felt futile to some because our young woman never came to the door. However, for me it was grand because I got to spend some time with Helen and know more of her heart!

By the time I got home yesterday I laid down on the couch at about 5 and that is all I remember until this morning when my mom woke me up at 7 saying, “you better get up!” I had an 8:00 client. My mom said she tried to wake me up once but I was so gone to the world she just left me there! Think I needed that rest!

God is good, that’s what I’m saying, and it is a privilege to serve one another in the body of Christ and encourage each other that we may grow in our desire to take the Good News to the poor in spirit! Please don’t forget about our November Retreat in the Tulsa, OK area we have asked you to pray about! Encourage those pastors’ wives, women ministry Directors, and missions directors (if women) and women that serve in a ministry staff position to go on line and sign up! Deadline is Oct. 15th for signup.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thinking aloud...

In Drape’s Book of Quotations for the Christian World I saw the following quote:
“A friend is a person with whom I may think aloud. “

Today I would like to think aloud with our Friends of Pure Joy. First, I would like to ask each of you to remember me in your prayers as I prepare to speak in Gainesville, Texas; Marietta, Oklahoma, and Atoka, Oklahoma and my home church to our Father-Daughter banquet this coming weekend. Pray for His word through me, not my own. Pray for hearts to be turned towards Him!

Also, this past week many of you that are Pastor’s Wives, Women’s Ministry Directors , Women serving in a Ministry Staff position and Missions Directors (if a woman) should have received our brochure inviting you to join us November 5th and 6th for a Taste of Pure Joy in the Tulsa, OK area. If you have questions go to our web site www.purejoyinternational.com. The home page tells you how to sign up on line. If you know of any women in your church that serve in one of these leadership positions and could use a time of encouragement and refreshing, tell them about this opportunity.

We will only be able to take the first 350 applicants. After that there will be a waiting list. Don’t miss out on what God has for you!

Take some time this week to draw away to a place with Him. Maybe it’s in your car, bedroom, back porch, den, or bathroom for moms but do draw away!
And as you do, may you know the sweetness of just being with Him!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Who are these people?

Today in our message our Pastor finished up the book of Colossians with Colossians 4:7-18 Paul’s final greeting to the church at Colossae. He shared with us, “As you read these verses you will be tempted to pass over the important role these sometimes strange names meant to Paul’s journey.” Names such as Tychicus, Onesimus, Aristarchus, Mark, Justus, Epaphras, Luke, Demas, Nympha, and Archippus.

For instance I love what he said about Tychicus. Tychicus was the pony express before we had the pony express and UPS. Take a minute as you read through these passages to really digest the role each of the men played in the life of Paul and his journey.

Colossians 4:4-18
Tychicus will tell you all about my activities. He is a beloved brother and faithful minister and fellow servant in the Lord. I have sent him to you for this very purpose, that you may know how we are and that he may encourage your hearts, and with him Onesimus, our faithful and beloved brother, who is one of you. They will tell you of everything that has taken place here.
Aristarchus my fellow prisoner greets you, and Mark the cousin of Barnabas (concerning whom you have received instructions—if he comes to you, welcome him), and Jesus who is called Justus. These are the only men of the circumcision among my fellow workers for the kingdom of God, and they have been a comfort to me. Epaphras, who is one of you, a servant of Christ Jesus, greets you, always struggling on your behalf in his prayers, that you may stand mature and fully assured in all the will of God. For I bear him witness that he has worked hard for you and for those in Laodicea and in Hierapolis. Luke the beloved physician greets you, as does Demas. Give my greetings to the brothers at Laodicea, and to Nympha and the church in her house. 1And when this letter has been read among you, have it also read in the church of the Laodiceans; and see that you also read the letter from Laodicea. And say to Archippus, “See that you fulfill the ministry that you have received in the Lord.”
I, Paul, write this greeting with my own hand. Remember my chains. Grace be with you.

Do you have such people in your life? Do you have other believers that come along side you in your journey to rejoice with you , to lament with you, to go through trials with you? Are you that person to someone else?

The Pastor left us with a challenge to ponder…I pass it on to you. From today forward till Jesus comes would it be ok for someone to model their life after yours? Would that life bring Glory to Him?

I want to change gears just a little bit. This week Friends of Pure Joy will be receiving an important email asking your prayers for a very special event that is going to take place in November of 2010. Please read this letter and pray, pray, pray. Also, if you know a pastor’s wife, a women’s ministry director, or a woman serving in a staff position that could benefit from this retreat please send them to the web site to sign up. Just follow the instructions on the home page. www.purejoyinternational.org

Have a great week in the LORD!