Monday, July 30, 2007

Vickie Away From Computer This Week

Just wanted to let everyone know that Vickie is away at Children's Camp with 13 kids from the Sunday School class she teaches at First Baptist Church. She may not be able to get internet access so we probably won't have a post from her this week. Pray that she will enjoy the camp activities and that the children with her will have opportunities for spiritual growth.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Watching God Work!

Greetings In the precious Name of the LORD!
As we prepare for our trip to Quito, Ecuador I would like to let you follow the process as much as possible. Approximately a month ago I began praying for a theme for our retreat in Quito. The theme God laid on my heart was "Teach Me To Be Still". With the theme in place I began praying for the team. This means speakers, worship leader, hospitality people, activities people, etc. Well, one evening as I sat at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant (outside in one of those wonderful rockers) while my mom and aunt shopped away, I asked God to please speak to me regarding a speaker. He brought to my mind a precious woman that serves with the International Mission Board out of Richmond, VA. So, I contacted the individual to see if she would be interested. She wrote back to let me know that she already had something on her calendar for those dates. I am always interested in why God does the things He does. Why was I impressed to contact this person when God already knew she would have other plans?
Anyway, having received that information I went back to the prayer closet and left if before the LORD. The next day I received an email from a precious young woman that I had met originally while speaking at the Tennessee Evangelism Women's Conference in the Fall of 2006. We had the pleasure of meeting again this past spring while attending a Women's Dialogue Conference at the International Mission Boards, Missions Learning Center. Her email simply said, "Did you know that I pray for you every morning??" I hope each of you have someone that tells you they are praying for you. Sometimes I will be driving down the road or in my office and will pick up the phone and call the person I was impressed to pray for and tell them, "I just prayed for you and wanted you to know." It is an awesome thing to know "God has us on His Mind!"
Anyway, all this to say as soon as I finished reading her email I just knew that was my speaker for Quito. So, I emailed her and asked her to pray about the trip. She shot an email back to me and let me know that she already had plans to be in Cuba during the dates I gave her but not to discount her until she checked the dates out for sure. I wrote her back and told her that I was praying that God would lead her to what was His best vs. what was good whether she came on board with us or went to Cuba. She wrote me the next day to inform me that in visiting with the people regarding Cuba they were wondering if she could change her date to next year instead of this one!! God knew!!!!!
When I have a chance to get her permission I would like to reveal to you her actual words in the email she sent me to let me know she was receiving God's green light! Until then, I would like to introduce you to this gifted and lovely young woman, Ruth McWhite. To read her bio click here.

Please continue to pray for the details and the rest of the team.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Quito, Ecuador Upcoming Retreat


Pure Joy International is headed to Quito, Ecuador in Nov. of this year. Our dates for the retreat will be Nov. 15-17. Please pray for me as I seek God concerning the team for Ecuador. I am praying for the churches that God would have join us on this trip, speakers, worship leaders, etc. Please pray for details of trip. Pray for resources and pray for the missionary women in the Quito, Ecuador area to be excited about attending this opportunity to be refreshed in the Spirit.


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