Monday, April 24, 2023

A Beautiful Day in Portugal… (Sunday afternoon)

 The team had a full but wonderful day here in Portugal. We began our morning with a wonderful devotion from Kim R. and a sweet time of prayer and team fellowship. Oh, and of course we ate breakfast first. (smile) You can just assume we are eating several meals a day. (LOL)

Then Valerie M. our contact missionary on the field came to the hotel and took us on the Metro to downtown Portugal for a city tour and to the Lisbon Story Centre. The Story Centre is a museum dedicated to the history of Lisbon.   Here is another link if you want to see a little bit more about things we learned.

A couple of us ate dinner at the Time Out Market while others shopped and ate along the way at some of the outdoor food areas. 

We had good fellowship and lots of laughs along the way. It is exciting to see the team continue to grow together as they are learning more about each other. We had another sweet devotional time by Deb. P to finish our evening. We also discussed our preparation work time for tomorrow.

I wanted to include one pic that stood out to me yesterday at a random moment. There are more pics to come but I did not want to wake anyone up when I was working on this to get them.

Love the bike hanging on the balcony. (smile)





Sunday, April 23, 2023

The Team made it to Portugal safely...

We had a good flight over. Weather here is nice in the upper 60's to lower 70's. We were met at the airport by our Valerie our contact missionary. I would like to say thank you LORD for her presence at the airport. You might not believe this but none of the team can speak Portuguese, LOL.

Once settled in at the hotel we had lunch, then several of the team members headed to the local mall. Hmmmm, imagine that fifteen women and someone wanted to go to the local mall. But not just any mall, this one has history. It is called Campo Pequeno.

Built in 1892 in a Moorish style with small cupolas atop its four main towers, Campo Pequeno's bullring (Pra├ža de Touros do Campo Pequeno) accommodates up to 9,000 spectators. It was loosely based on the Madrid bullring of Las Ventas, and bullfights take place here on Thursdays in season. During the rest of the year, it is occasionally used for concerts and other shows, such as a circus. After being closed for many years for extensive renovation, it reopened in 2006 with a new retractable ceiling and a shopping mall, restaurants, cinemas, and a supermarket. Parking space for 1200 cars is also available. 

The team members not at the mall spent the later part of the day trying to help Vickie (me) find my phone. I know that surprises those of you that know me. Ha, Ha, Ha    We did find it and let me just say, it is a God story in and of itself. He is already affirming He is present and at work here.

Enjoy some of the pics of the day. Keep praying for the team and the missionaries that will be attending the Retreat. 



Monday, April 17, 2023

4 Days and Counting…

Well, it is finally here.  We are 4 days away from boarding the plane to head to Lisbon, Portugal.  The team is getting so excited as we finish up the final preparations.  Trunks are packed along with working out the smallest of details that must happen in the next 4 days.

So hard to believe we have not been overseas since the fall of 2019, that was our last retreat.   Of course, the Portugal Retreat was scheduled for April of 2020 just over three years ago when Covid showed up in full force working against travel in country and out of country.  

We are so glad to be traveling once again to minister to the missionary women.  Also, it has been fun to be reminded of how many hands touch this ministry in preparation for a trip to minister to the women.  Whether you are going with us or have helped along the way in preparations for this trip you are part of the team serving Pure Joy International Portugal 2023! To all of you that have given financially to support a missionary and or team member, thank you.  To all of you that are praying for the missionary women and the team now and while we are on the field, thank you.  To all of you that have helped with the gifting, thank you. To the team members representing churches in 5 states, thank you.  What a blessing to be able to serve alongside all of you with your different hearts for serving. 

On a final note, please pray for the spouses, children, family members, friends, etc., that are pulling extra weight both for the team members and the missionaries so we can all attend the Retreat.   

Keep us close in your prayers as we fly out Friday and return on the 30th.  Watch the blog for pictures that will be posted along the way starting Friday through the next week. 

Forever Thankful,