Monday, August 26, 2013

In the Last Lap towards North East Asia....

Excitement is building as we begin the last lap of preparation. One of the team members left this morning to fly in early to visit friends. You may remember I wrote about her last week. Well, she is on her way!!

You guys have been incredible regarding sponsorship of the women. We now officially have 47 women registered with 45 sponsored. However, our deadline for registration does not close until Wednesday, August 28th. Therefore, I am believing as of this writing (Monday, August 26th) that we will have 5 more to sponsor (that includes the two). As you know we cap at 50 women. So pray for the remaining sponsorships as well as the other open spots to be taken. Any monies that come in above and beyond the need for this group of ladies automatically falls under our principle of "paying it forward" which means those funds go towards the sponsorship of missionary women for our next trip (to Tanzania it looks like).

Please continue to lift up the team as we prepare our hearts for the trip. Lots of warfare and just plain ol’ life is going on among us. Also, pray the same for the women that will be attending as they are doing life just like the rest of us. Pray even now for safe travel for us, good connections, leaving and coming home,  pray for the worship, messages, free times, counseling times, fun times, activity times, talk times, and for the husbands and kids and family members of team members and missionary women that will be doing life without us beside them.

Love you all,


Thursday, August 22, 2013

God is moving...

Well, we have one trunk packed and ready to leave the country on Monday of next week with one of our team members who is going on ahead of us to visit with friends of hers in the North East Asia area. When her husband was alive they did much work in the area we will be traveling to.  He was a medical doctor and had a great heart for the people in this part of the world.  Our team member (his wife) still does.   Packing the trunk this week was a true reminder that we are just over 3 weeks out from getting on the plane in Little Rock, Tulsa, and Memphis to head out.   Can't Wait!!

Also, I am loving the opportunity to watch God work through you as you respond to the needs of sponsorship for the missionary women.  We actually have had several more sponsored since last week.  We have 35 sponsored as of this writing with 10 left to go.  We did have 3 more women register this past week so we are up to 44 missionary women.  The deadline for them to register is August the 28th. 

Personally, life has been a tad nuts lately or actually, I think I may have been nuts. Ha,ha,ha,ha   Seriously, I hate it when my focus gets off God and on to my circumstances.  You know how crummy that is....the things that usually you can die to self on, well you aren't dying!!!  I would love to put my flesh on the altar of sacrifice but I don't think there is a crane big enough to lift it and move it to the altar.  ha,ha,ha,ha

All kidding aside, God is always faithful and actually ministered to me in an incredible way yesterday late morning.  He also allowed me to see, which He frequently does, a few things He wanted me to learn from this little flesh journey I have been on.  Pray I don't have to learn them again but they are solidified in my heart!    Amen!  He also keeps reminding me that anytime we are leaving the country the spiritual warfare is on but we are Overcomers in Christ.   Here is a YouTube link to a great song for that, Overcomer by Mandisa.

Remember.....10  missionaries still to be sponsored as of this writing (Wednesday). 

Love you all Much,


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Here's your sign...

This morning I began my weekly ritual that takes place on Tuesday mornings as I prepare to head to Ft. Smith, AR where I do Biblical counseling from 10 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. each week.   When I leave the house many times I start praying for all the things that are on my heart.  When I went to bed last night (and I say that loosely because Little Guy has been sick for the last couple of days) I was thinking over our prayer time meeting we had earlier in the evening for our North East Asia trip which is only 4 weeks away and, yes, we are counting!  When we get this close to departure I know I make Patty, our financial person, a little weary because I frequently want to know how many missionary women are sponsored and how many we need funded.   Let me say this about me if you don't know me ..........I'm not concerned that God isn't going to provide because He always does provide what we need for each trip.  But, I start thinking about how He is going to show up in the final hours.  I could probably write a book on the way God has moved on behalf of our missionary women all over the world in regard to Pure Joy International.   This is just one ministry.  There are stories after stories of how He has moved on behalf of those He has sent overseas to the frontline through numerous ministries.  What I love about that is......I want our missionaries to ‘see’ He is always acting on their behalf.  He knows!

All that to say, as I thought about the number of women we have signed up so far, 42 as of this writing with 11 of those still needing sponsorship, I was entering the on-ramp to I-40 West.   Now you must know I have entered this ramp every Tuesday morning for years and actually more than that if you consider some random trips west for other things.   There directly across the interstate was this big billboard that I know did not just grow there overnight and in big large letters was the number $8,000.  I don't even know what else was on that billboard because it seems like all that was on it for my eyes was the number $8,000.  I could not shake the number.  Then as I drove down I-40, I'm saying to God, “OK, so what about that number?”  Without going through all the dialogue that went on between God and me (yes, I believe God talks to us by impressing on us through the person of His Holy Spirit’s direction and answers as we seek Him) I know God wanted me to share the need for $8,000 dollars to sponsor the remaining missionary women.  Lord I said, “That is enough for two more missionary women than we have signed up.”  He Knows!  That still would leave $200 dollars left for what?  He Knows!

Now before you write me off as some little 'nut case' just know that I am being obedient to God.  I learned a long time ago that being obedient to God can look a little 'nutty' in the physical and people like to poke a little fun at you but I'll just take my chances and be obedient and if I missed it....God knows my heart is pure.
Pray for the final details as time closes in on our departure.   Also, I am hearing from several of the ladies that we will be ministering to and they are sooooooo excited!  

Love you all,


P.S. Remember our little guy in your prayers...he is a sick kiddo this week.

P.S.S. A note from Deb Potter, public relations person for Pure Joy International…

I wanted to let you know that Vickie was nominated for an Epoch award. “Epoch honors the unsung heroes; the people who cross the boulevard or the world to serve where poverty, drought, HIV/AIDS, sex trafficking, homelessness, and fear reign. For these heroes, this is more than planting churches and discipling– this is life.”

For those of you who know Vickie personally either through a relationship stateside, by encountering her on the field in a Pure Joy International retreat, or via her weekly blog, I’m guessing that you would wholeheartedly agree that she is indeed an unsung hero of the faith.  She has allowed God to pour out His creativity through her in a unique ministry that reaches and encourages missionary women around the world through in-country retreats, ongoing Biblical counseling via Skype and other electronic media, and weekly blogs.  All of this is to fulfill the purpose of bringing God glory by encouraging missionary women of all walks of life – single, married, widowed, or divorced – to stay in the place where He called them to serve so they can minister to His people in their own unique ways. (You can read more about this on the About page at: If you would like to know more about Epoch awards click here: 

Pray with us that God will be honored through the Epoch awards and we praise Him for Vickie’s nomination.


Deb Potter
Pure Joy International, Public Relations

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This past week following my spiritual dad’s funeral I spent the rest of the week in Houston, Texas with my brother and sister-in-law.  It was a sweet time. (Note:  all my Houston friends forgive me, but I really didn't leave the house for 4 days except to go eat.  I really was resting.)   I am now sure everything in "Texas is Bigger" especially the mosquitoes!  My great nephew looks like they tried to take ownership of one of his legs. Ha,ha,ha!

Being away from everything for a while was a good reminder to me of why we do what we do here at Pure Joy International for our missionary women.   Just having a few days away to try and relax is good.  I think it took my body about 3 days to realize it could stop working and rest.  I'm not sure my brain got the message before coming home.  However, the physical rest of just not having to be anywhere at a certain time, no schedule, etc. was nice.   I love that God has given us at Pure Joy a heart to minister to the body, soul, and spirit of the missionary women around the world and touch the lives of women in the local churches as well.  I am always thankful for all of you that desire to wash the feet of others all around the world!

We have only 9 openings for missionaries left for our North East Asia trip.  Please pray that God will continue to bring in the very ones "He Sees" could benefit from what we are bringing to them.  Also, get those resources flowing in, friends.  You can use PayPal to make a donation and/or mail in a check to Pure Joy International.  All donations are tax deductible.   Go to our web site at and click on Support for guidance on how to give.

I don't want to say the team is getting overly excited about the trip but they are cracking me up a little.  As women what do you think is one of the first questions women want to know when they are going somewhere?   Yes, you got it.  What are we supposed to wear?  I told them in a team letter this past week that I would send them their check list this week for the trip which includes what to wear so they still have 5 weeks to worry about it! Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!   Some things never change!

Love you all and I pray for you as you pray for us!