Monday, July 21, 2008

God's Ever So Wonderful Ways...

Wednesday morning of this past week I did something really out of the norm for me. I canceled and rescheduled all my counseling appointments and took the day off to spend with David and Denise Brown the Pastor and his wife from Elko, Nevada. They had come to Arkansas to visit family and friends. We headed out early Wednesday morning and headed to Heber Springs, AR a beautiful area of our state. Denise’s mom and dad live in Heber Springs where their home backs up to beautiful Greer’s Ferry Lake. It is for sure a site to behold and peaceable. I spent the late morning and early afternoon watching children and teens jump from the cliffs into the cool water, the kids riding the inner tube behind the Wave Runner, and two adult women (I wasn’t one of them) standing on the cliffs for 20-30 mins. trying to work up the gumption to make the jump. Now that was entertaining! My little lawn chair under the shade tree provided an excellent real life view of fun at the lake house! I also had the wonderful opportunity to visit with Denise’s mom and dad, Doris and J.C. George. However, the thing I loved the most about the day was God’s wonderful reminder of His touch on this ministry.

As I sat at their food bar enjoying things I should not have been eating I noticed a missionary prayer card lying on the bar. I picked it up and saw the name and that the young girl was a missionary in Venezuela. I said, “You guys, this girl is one of our missionaries that has signed up for the Venezuela trip. How do you know her?” They shared with me that this was their Worship Minister’s daughter at FBC there at Heber Springs. Now I ask you what are those chances. With God as I read once, 1 in 1! How sweet to already have a face to go with the name we have been praying for now well over two months. Truly, His ways NEVER cease to amaze me!

Please remember our ladies in Venezuela and our Team members as the action really starts to take off from this point on! Lot’s of details to take care of between now and Oct.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Please Pray...

Ok, so can we just say that this blogging thing is a major weakness in my life! I’m just not good about it. So, I’ve decided I really don’t understand the principle of it. So, maybe if some of you could write me and give me a motive for this I might become better at it. I am somewhat of the attitude of my friend and board member Kenny which suggested there are only twelve disciples so I should only have to blog 1 time a month which equals 12. What does that have to do with anything, nothing!! Which is why I enjoy Kenny so much! ha,ha

All kidding aside we did have a wonderful time in Nevada and God did some awesome ministry there. We saw several come to know the LORD and to be baptized. We are believing great things for that church in Elko, Nevada.

Things are in full swing for our trip to Venezuela. Now all the details of the trip start happening. For me this is really the absolute fun part because you start really hearing from God and His plans for the ladies there in Venezuela. Please join us in praying for the missionary women there. We will be ministering to women from many different venues. Following is a prayer list of needs:

• Pray for each woman that has registered to attend. Register as a Friend of Pure Joy to obtain the prayer list. (Note: We are not always able to share this information.)
• Pray for their husbands and children that will be left at home as they attend. Pray this also for team members that will leave family behind to go.
• Pray for the ministries the ladies work in to be in order so they are not distracted by that while attending.
• Pray for all the things God would want to speak to us (the team) about their needs during our prayer times.
• Pray for our travel as a team to and fro.
• Pray for the speakers that we will speak only as God has directed each of us.
• Pray for the finances for team members and for sponsorship of the missionary women. It cost $400 to sponsor a woman for this retreat with the ministry actually having to absorb some extra cost because of the economic status of the country. God is faithful and HE has never failed to provide. Are you to be a part of this provision?
• Pray that we will be His testimony to not only those ladies to encourage and refresh them but to the staff of the facility where we are staying.
• Pray, Pray, Pray, and then Pray some more!

Ok, so remember…..encourage me about this blogging thing!!