Monday, April 20, 2009

Calling on all Pure Joy bloggers...

We are just seven days away from leaving for Krakow Poland. Can’t believe it is finally upon us. We spent the day Saturday packing. There is nothing more fun than packing with the team and getting to see all the gifts we are taking to our ladies overseas.

I want to tell you that it has been a blessing to see the churches who have gotten involved near and far through prayer, giving, gifts, and going. These ladies in Poland are in for a treat.

Please continue to remember the Poland missionaries in prayer and the team as well. When the team met Saturday, we spent our first amount of time in prayer for each other and the missionary women. Seems the team as a whole has been through some really tough warfare as we head into this trip. But, I also must caution us all, ‘we are in a spiritual battle’ since the day we said, ‘yes’ to Jesus in our lives!! The enemy hates us and will do whatever he can to steal our joy and testimony! Girls, abide, stay behind the cross, and keep walking!!! Walk in love, Walk in righteousness, Walk in the spirit, etc. But do WALK!

Also, we have a couple of retreats we are working on for the fall. One is again in an undisclosed location, the other is not. As soon as we can give you more information so you can be praying, we will let you know.

Yesterday I had the sweet opportunity to speak to some of the ladies of Eastside Baptist Church in Ft. Smith, AR. What a sweet time it was to share with the women why we should, ‘Dance While We Can’! Thank you ladies for you attendance and your generosity!

Remember, we become like that which we focus on….Focus on HIM!

Have a great week! Friends of Pure Joy, Patty will be sending you updates while we are in Poland! If you are not a Friend of Pure Joy please register at


Monday, April 13, 2009

Yes, "The Hills are Alive"...

Vickie asked me to write the blog today - so here goes -

My husband surprised me at Christmas by telling me, (through a very creative video produced by our oldest son Wade), that for our 20th wedding anniversary in March, we would be going to Salzburg, Austria. Now for those of you who are familiar with my all-time favorite movie, "The Sound of Music", you know exactly why I would be excited about going to Salzburg, Austria. The movie was filmed there in 1964 - the year I was born. I grew up singing the songs from the movie and can pretty much say every line of the script. There's just something special about it. Of course the beautiful songs, the scenery, the romance, the drama, the laughter, and not one bad word, or one hint of immorality. Our eight year old daughter, Melody, watched the whole movie with me yesterday afternoon and I think she's hooked now!

Well, I'm happy to report that Salzburg was amazingly beautiful in real life!!! As we flew over the snow-capped Swiss Alps, I was overwhelmed with the glory of God! Nature is very often my reminder of how big God is! As we landed in the middle of those mountains and started our sightseeing, I was constantly amazed by the beauty and the history of the city. We saw buildings constructed in the year 600!!!! What - that is 1000 years before our country was discovered! One of the churches we toured was built in 600. It was the Nonnberg Abbey which was the site where the Von Trapp family hid from the Nazis at the end of the movie. As the family hid behind the grave markers and the "Reverend Mother" locked the gate behind them, she reminded Maria that they would not be alone in their journey through the mountains to escape Captain Von Trapp's being forced to serve under Adolph Hitler. She said "I will lift up my eyes to the hills . . . from where shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth." Psalm 121:1-2.

Whatever you face today - remember "The Hills are Alive" - "He is alive"!!!

Pure Joy Ministry Staff

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun Saturday...

Evergreen Baptist Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma, one of our sponsoring churches for our Poland trip, held its' first Benefit Bazaar this past Saturday. Here is an overview from Linda Roach on how it went:

The vendors were mostly EBC members and extended family who have home-based businesses. There were about 15 booths lining our gathering area (foyer). Some examples of items offered were jewelry, stained glass mosaic crosses, children’s books, games and apparel, make-up, photography, home decorator items, etc. Many of our members made home-baked goods for us to sell. We also had homemade salsa which was such a hit Kristy had to take orders to make it for more people. There was a steady flow of people all day – not only our church members, but also friends of our people and those in the area who just saw the signs and came in. People stayed around to visit and sit in the coffee shop with something to drink and cookies, brownies or cinnamon rolls bought from our baked goods table. Lots of laughter and great fellowship happening.

We had a number of people who stopped by the ‘Pure Joy’ booth to ask for information about the ministry. Some of those were from other churches and we made some good contacts for ‘Pure Joy’. Our own members are getting more and more excited about Pure Joy and ways that they can be involved in the ministry. Our church staff and members have already said they want to continue this and maybe do it again as soon as the fall. A number of people offered to make things if we do it again and we’d have better lead time for people to prepare the next time.

We know we raised enough to sponsor two missionaries and probably will be very close to three by the time all the final figures are in. It was a great “Kingdom day” as God’s children spent time serving, enjoying one another’s company and supporting missionaries through it all.

To God be the glory for all that was done.

This note from Linda gives the best illustration of how Pure Joy is an inside out ministry. They started this idea to help raise funds for the missionary women and look at what God did to encourage their church family in the process. Great Job EBC!!!

Poland is just around the corner. All bloggers and friends of Pure Joy, please remember the missionary women and the team for Poland in your prayers!