Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The sweet fragrance as the Christmas Holidays linger...

As I write this blog I am sitting at my nephew’s home in Victoria, Texas. He and his wife have just delivered their third child. This very moment my sister-in-law is chasing Admiral, the golden retriever, through the house. My nephew is running right behind them telling her “of course he is going to take off running when you open that doorway.” Admiral is back in his room now looking at me as if to say, “What did I do?”. My mom is sitting in the living room – oops, Admiral is trying to make a great escape again but my brother is using his firmest voice to let him know he better get back in that room! As I started to say, my mom is in the living room sitting on the couch holding newborn Landon. Now everyone has made it to the living room where the newborn Landon is crying the sound of a newborn! Braden, his almost 2 year old brother, is running his new Christmas cars across the living room coffee table that is just made for little boys to play on with their toys. My brother, his wife, and my other nephew (twin brother to the first nephew I mentioned) and his girlfriend from San Antonio are all playing video games and eating dessert. My nephew that lives in this house has moved to the kitchen table with me and is on his computer as well. However, secretly he is listening to the football game that is on tonight in the other room because he and his brother are in this major competition with fantasy football. Tonight’s game between the Eagles and Vikings will determine the winner between them. I love the flow of family! When times such as these are going on I fully believe that family is the most awesome unit God created! Husbands, wives, children, nieces, nephews, in-laws, out-laws, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. Ok now 1st nephew is going through the house saying “I need a field goal!” Admiral just got in trouble again and I can truly saying he didn’t do anything! Ha,ha,ha People alert…everyone is shifting! Help!

Hope you all had some special time with your families this Christmas Season!

As I listen to Braden playing and see his little red head pop up over the coffee table every once in awhile and hear everyone cooing over little Landon as well, I am reminded of this Bible truth……”What a difference a child can make”.

My prayer is that if Jesus has not made a difference in your life as of this blog, that He will by this time next Christmas Season.

Love you all,


Admiral is loose again!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just $40...

This morning when I got to the office I stepped next door to check on my friend that has an alteration business. We usually check on each other first thing in the morning and when one of us closes for the evening. As I was standing in her business a gentleman stepped in the door with a rather hurried manner about him, carrying a spray bottle. He immediately asked Ola, my friend, if she was the business owner. When she nodded yes it was like the gates opening at the Kentucky Derby. He was off and running. He could not tell us enough about the miracle powers of the cleaner in his spray bottle. Truly we could not get a word in edge-wise because he was so busy showing us all that this cleaning liquid could do. Now don’t get me wrong. I was totally getting excited about this stuff. In fact, about the time he had me in his corner my client drove up. “Ok, I’d like to talk more with you about this but I have a client waiting. However, I will take your brochure and read it and call you later.” Oh, you can’t, he said. I am leaving for St. Louis when I leave here. “Ok, then come back by when you are back in town.” Not coming back. “Ok, then I’ll take a bottle.” ($1 - I’d be crazy not to!) He then tells me we only sell it by the gallon jug. (Really). “How much for a gallon jug?” Just $40 a jug. (Really!)

Immediately within a millimeter of a second the following thought flashes through my head. If this stuff was real it would be worth the investment to purchase it. But there is no way to check this guy out and he really appears to be in a hurry for a quick buck. For all I know his bottle of cleaner is the real deal for sure and the rest could just be glorified water. So, I quickly acknowledged to him that I didn’t have $40 and went to tend to my client.

As I thought about this later on this morning I thought about how easily people can sell us something that sounds good and even looks good but it is all a deception. Hmmmm, does that story sound familiar.

I can never encourage us enough to BE IN THE WORD OF GOD!!! The ONLY things that will prevent us from being deceived in these latter days are the Word of God and the Holy Spirit!

So beware this time of year for scams! But be even more aware all the time for the enemy to try and deceive daily! He is going to get more cunning in these latter days. KNOW THE TRUTH ….INSIDE AND OUT!