Monday, February 26, 2018

Online Registration has begun for Eastern Europe ….

Ladies are signing up for the trip. We have 30 spots left. Please remember, first come first served, then we go to a waiting list. To register go to

Team members are meeting weekly in their different states and locations to lift up the details and needs for the retreat.
Please continue to pray about giving to this trip. We only lack 6 spots for all M’s to be sponsored for this trip.
On a different note… I apologize for the time lag between the blogs these past many weeks. To be honest I have been in a little bit of a fog. You know what that’s like. You are driving along and all of a sudden you drive into to this fog that seems to have come out of nowhere. At first, it catches you off guard. You brake immediately, because you can’t see 2 car lengths in front of you. You become a little bit tense as your grip tightens on the wheel without you even realizing it. You keep moving forward, because to stop puts you and someone else in danger. To pull off the side of the road puts you and someone else in danger because you can’t be sure where the roadside begins and ends. You keep moving, but you have no feel for anything that is outside of the fog. Just the road immediately in front of you. Then all of a sudden you drive out of it…. as quickly as you drove into to it.
So, I am prayerful that I am out of the fog. Not sure what it was all about yet. But, this I have learned….He will reveal it in His time.

I love this quote:

 Keep Going. Each step may get harder, but
 don’t stop.  The view at the top is beautiful.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Just so you know and Eastern Europe Registration Opens Next Week….

Just wanted to make those of you that journey over to our website occasionally aware, we are working on some things there. So, you will only have a Home Page for awhile. Registration for Eastern Europe Retreat, Blog, and Donation icons will work. Everything else not so much. (smile)

However, if you have questions contact me at and I will answer any questions you have.

Eastern Europe Team is starting to meet weekly throughout our different locations and is preparing for the Retreat in April. Now is the time for those of you that travel with the team through prayer, going, gifting, and giving to step on board. I am excited to say that we see His Hand at work in a mighty way. We still need to settle on a hotel. So, please put that at the top of your list to ask Him about. The overall cost of this trip to put our guests in a relatively nice hotel is higher than our normal cost. So, if He lays it on your heart to give a little extra this time, please honor the prompting.

Registration for Eastern Europe will open on Monday the 12th at some point. Please make sure to let your “M” friends in that part of the world know we are coming. The dates of the Retreat are April 25 -28, 2018. Our theme is, “He Holds It All.” We will accept the first 50 who register before going to a waiting list. So, please tell your “M” friends to sign up as soon as possible. First come, first served.

For more information contact me at 


"O, let the place of secret prayer become to me the most beloved spot on earth."
                                                                                                                  - Andrew Murray