Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Paying It Forward…

Jon and Phyllis Moore are long time friends of mine.  I met Phyllis when I started traveling with Great Hills Baptist Retreat Ministry out of Austin, Tx. 

Barbara O’Chester Founder of Great Hills Baptist Retreat Ministry usually allowed Phyllis and I to room together.  We both liked to get up early and do our quite times, so we made good roomies.  By the way we were anything but quite during those times because we liked sharing with each other the things the LORD was showing us.  She and Jon have since been lifelong friends to me. 


Recently I received the following email from Jon.  Jon is good to take time to encourage others that serve in ministry.   I wanted to share it with you because; (1) it gives you a link to their ministry and because it also gives you a way to connect with Jon to capitalize on the quotes that are meaty along the way.  I have never known Jon to just throw you a bone.  The meat always comes with it!  Phyllis will be no disappointment to us ladies as well.  So, contact them if you would like to be encouraged by the depths of older saints.  I will leave one of my favorites from this past week at the bottom with my sign off.  It is from A.W. Tozer.  I am quite sure he was supposed to be my husband but died 10 years after I was born.  Ha,ha,ha.


“Hello everyone,

 We trust you are all staying well during these hopefully last months of COVID-19 pandemic!  We personally received our first vaccine shot last week.  As our opportunities for ministry

(as we have always known them) decline, I want to point out two avenues we maintain.  First, we alternate in writing devotionals each month for our web site.  Be sure to click on and read Jon’s devotional for this month, “Praying for Revival!”

 Secondly, every couple of weeks or so, I (Jon) send out quotes by notable Believers from the past that deal with revival and related subjects.  If you do not currently receive those quotes and would like to receive them, let me know by return email.  IN the meantime, keep on believing the Lord for a God-sized miracle, and keep on praying to that end…

 Multiplied blessings,

Jon & Phyllis Moore”


May I encourage you to take advantage of the wisdom of the older saints.  I have received some wise counsel from my friends through the years.




“The one who has struggled to purify himself and has had nothing , but repeated failures will experience real relief when he stops tinkering with his soul and looks away to the perfect One.                 A.W. Tozer

          Are you tinkering with your soul?


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