Thursday, November 2, 2023

We’re Back…


Thank you each and everyone for your prayers while we were gone and for our trip back across the waters.  We all made it home safely Sunday evening.   What a wonderful time we had in the country of Tbilisi, Georgia.  The country is beautiful and the ladies that attended the Retreat were absolutely a “Joy” to the team and the other women attending.  Many new friendships were established, connections made for future time together, the word of God was shared, worship was marvelous, and fellowship so sweet. 

I am attaching pictures to this post as many as possible.   They are random but will give you some idea of some of the things we as a team had an opportunity to see.  One thing I would point out to you that was so much fun to see for me personally was what I thought were candles hanging in store fronts along the way was actually a candy called “Churchkhela” and is a candy treat. You will catch that in the pictures somewhere.  So, enjoy and if you have questions about any of the pictures are comments let us know. 




Note: Pictures are of sights and team members only.  Because of the sensitivity of where some of our ladies serve, we did not take any pictures of the ladies attending.  We had some ladies that did not make it to the conference because they could not get visas to get in and or were concerned about not getting one to get one back into their country.   But you can know as we do here at Pure Joy International, God had exactly the ladies that were supposed to be there for this conference at this time and season. Again, thank you all for your gifting, going, giving and continual prayer support.  

And thank you to all that serve cross-culturally to make a difference for His Name Sake.

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