Saturday, April 17, 2021

Fine Tune Me LORD…


I think I can safely assume that most of us reading this blog have had the opportunity to hear an out of tune instrument of some kind during our lifetime.  It is one thing to hear it when you or someone is learning to play the instrument.  We are much more gracious with them.  It is another thing for you and or me to hear it when listening to a recital, orchestra, band, etc.  We are much less gracious because our expectation is different.

Did you know that a person can be playing all the right keys but if the instrument is not tuned right, it will not matter?  We will still hear that note either in a pitch higher or lower than it should be in keeping with the melody of the music.

The Webster defines “fine-tuned”; to adjust precisely to bring to the highest level of performance or effectiveness.  Sometimes you will hear a judge in some of the TV shows such as The Voice, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, etc., say to a contestant, “You were a little pitchy”.  Meaning they sang that note higher or lower than it was meant to be sung.

When an instrument is out of tune just a little it will clash with others playing the same note.  Tuning an instrument is especially important for two key reasons: 

1.     For the instrument to be in tune with itself, and

2.     For the instrument to be in tune with others.

Oh, the depths of spiritual parallels that can jump off this page right now.  However, let us just keep it simple for my sake. Ha, ha, ha   So, let me start by asking us to answer a few questions.

·       Are you out of tune, spiritually speaking?  Are you right with God, His Word, and His ways? Allowing the spirit of God to work in you and through you.  Or are you living life in the flesh?  Doing it your way.

·       Are you clashing with others you are doing life with? At home with spouse and children, at church, at work, in ministry, etc.  If we are clashing with people on all fronts, then is it us or them that is out of tune?

When we are yielded to the LORD, His spirit is quick to let us know when we step out of pitch.   God knows this side of heaven we are not ever going to be perfect as human beings, but we are perfect in Christ and are being perfected. 

I believe He wants to adjust us precisely to bring about His best in and through us as we grow to become more and more effective for His kingdom work and His Glory!  


Philippians 1:6 (AMP) I am convinced and confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will [continue to] perfect and complete it until the day of Christ Jesus [the time of His return].

Do you trust Him to fine tune you?  I have said this many a time and I will always continue to say and believe it, “God is a Gentleman,” He will not strong-arm you, manipulate you, and or force you but He does hear the cry of our hearts whatever it might be.

Would you dare say these words to Him and mean it?  “Fine Tune me” LORD, I am willing.




Special note to Missionary women:  I am continuing to contact you as schedule allows.  Don’t give up on hearing from me. 


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