Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Trips on the Horizon...

Many of you have been asking what trips are coming up next. So, as of now we can share what we know. In October, we will be headed to Costa Rica to do a conference very specifically for the missionary women going through The Spanish Language Institute in San Jose. After 3 days of registration for these ladies, if the conference isn’t full, we will open it up to other missionary women serving overseas outside of their country of origin that have been sent by a mission sending organization or a sending church to which they are accountable. We will keep you posted as we get closer in.

Please begin now to pray about giving towards sponsorship of the missionaries that will be attending. Any amount is always considered a blessing from God and I pray He doubles any of the giving that comes in. For those of you that like the details up front, the cost is $600 per missionary for hotel and meals for 4 days, three nights. Thank you in advance for seeking God on this opportunity. (There is a button on this page to donate.)

Also, do not be deceived by the words Costa Rica and start getting the idea in your mind that our missionaries are over there hanging out at waterfalls, volcanoes, zip lines, butterfly parks, the jungle, etc. Well, some may actually be serving in the jungles (smile). Don’t misunderstand me, Costa Rica is a beautiful country. However, our missionaries in language school, and serving in that part of the world aren’t there to sightsee. They are there to learn a language that will hopefully equip them to be sent out to Spanish speaking countries around the world to share the Good News....and that preparation isn’t always pretty. The enemy does not want them to make it through language school! Some won’t make it through language school! Not because they couldn’t learn the language, but because they couldn’t make the transition from leaving the U.S., families, friends, and resources, to tight living quarters, children not adjusting, marriage issues, etc.

This conference will give the missionary women a place of refreshing. A place to get away and regroup, a place to be washed with the Word of God specifically chosen by God to be poured out on them, a place to worship with other English speaking missionary women, a place to be encouraged, affirmed, convicted and challenged. Counseling will be available along with times of fellowship, rest and free time. God has clearly affirmed to us at Pure Joy International that we are supposed to be in this location, at this time, with the team He puts together, for His purposes.

For those that remember the hardship of language school in preparation for your field work,  please feel free to share some of your stories. I would love to allow our readers to have a reality check about the ups and downs of your journey in language school wherever you attended.

We will be making our way to Moscow, Russia in April of next year. Exact dates are not set yet, but I will let you know when they are. Please be praying to discern if God would have you be a part of these teams, or if He will have you be a part of the praying and gifting for the trips. Let me hear from you at

Counting It All Joy,


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