Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Our Way Home, Back to The Father

I suspect that most of us reading this blog could tell a story about being lost. I’m not talking spiritually right now, I’m talking in the physical. It’s funny about being lost. You never realize it until you have that moment of “epiphany.” (Usually defined as a sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something.) There are, of course, lots of thoughts that accompany that “epiphany.” Such as: “What was I thinking?” “I told you not to turn this direction!” “If you had listened to me instead of that GPS we wouldn’t be sitting here right now!” “How hard would it have been for you (me) to ask directions?” “If you had been paying attention instead of talking on your cell phone!" Etc., etc. ... Emotions tend to rise up as soon as we experience that “epiphany”. Emotions such as: frustration, anxiety, blame, anger, confusion , fear,  and helplessness to name a few. After all those things we settle down to rethink our decisions that got us lost and begin the process of getting back on track. Sometimes we can figure it out on our own and other times we have to call someone for help.
Easter Sunday morning as I was journaling during my quiet time, the following dawned on me about Easter. I had been journaling word statements about what it meant to me that He Is Risen! They were going something like this: Our Hope, Our Sovereignty, Our Strength, Our Provider, Our Rock, Our Redeemer. But then these two word statements rose up out of me, “Our way home,” “Our way back to the Father.” Before I had even lifted the pen from the pages I was moved by those last two statements. Had I ever really thought of The Resurrection in that way? I had thought of it from the standpoint of His return to the Father. I had thought of it from the standpoint of our salvation. I had thought about it in as many ways as we do think about it. But, I had never thought about it in those simple, tender words of truth, “our way home” and “our way back to the Father.” Our way home because it is the “only” way home for a lost person, and back to the Father because Adam and Eve had cost us our relationship with our Father in the garden. But the resurrection gave us the choice to have it back. When we are lost in the physical and/or in the spiritual, there is nothing like “finding the way home.”

Next week I will be sharing with you about our next conference which will take place this fall. So, be praying as I prepare the details to share with you. This is somewhat of a unique opportunity and I want to be clear in my communications about it.
Have a blessed week and remember... If you know someone that experienced the power of the resurrected Savior through the Easter Holiday, please make sure to welcome them home!

Love you all,


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