Thursday, September 3, 2020

Coming out from hiding?

Well, I suppose it is time to catch everyone up on what has been happening with me since I have been silent on blog posting for several months.

I started a blog almost 6-8 weeks ago and actually have looked at it weekly up until two weeks ago.  It is a blog that I just have felt I needed to be careful in wording and what I believe God would have me share instead of my opinions about things.  Like so many of you in the days we are living in, I have some opinions believe me!  All that to say that next week I will post that blog, finally!  I feel peaceable in saying that. 

In the meantime let me share some things with you going on in my life personally and with the ministry.  In January I was diagnosed with breast cancer again.  I was diagnosed with cancer the first time 15 years ago.  This was a different kind of cancer than the first time.  Pet Scans, CT Scans, MRI’s all showed it was no place else in my body.  Therefore, I made a decision to have a double-mastectomy.  At the end of February I had the procedure.  It went well, and the doctors gave me clearance for our trip that was to take place in Lisbon, Portugal in April as long as I continued to heal well, and I did.   In March I had my first visit to the oncologist.  He placed me on a chemo medication that has provided me with some trials for sure.  Please pray as I visit with him about some options on my next visit. 

Then as you know Covid-19 hit, then the protest, then the rioting, and then there is the election coming up here in the US.  In fact, my blog next week is regarding all of those things.  In the meantime, Pure Joy International like so many other International ministries is having to be still and wait on God as travel from here to most any place in the world right now is unacceptable.  Even for the very few areas we could get into you have to quarantine for 14 days because we would be arriving from the US.  This added to the 10 days for the trip makes it difficult for team members that cannot be away from their homes and families that long.  And as many of you know that is just a few of the problems encountered.

So, in the meantime I will have my final surgery from the double-mastectomy in a couple of weeks.  While healing I am continuing to look at a series of pod-cast I would like to do for our missionary women around the world to encourage them since it will be next year before we can leave the country again.  Our plan is to follow-through when possible with the retreat we wanted to provide for the women in Lisbon, Portugal with the women that had already registered

So I hope this catches you up on things.  Please know that I am good, my spirit is good but my body is confused because of the chemo medication! Ha,ha,ha,ha  This too shall pass.

We pray for you as we know everyone is having a difficult time adjusting to the things going on in our world today no matter where you live.  Watch for next weeks blog.  I believe it will be worth pondering.

Good to be back at it!  Love you all..




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